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Dr. Yohei’s treatment is very impressive. Β I hurt my right ankle long time ago and it really hurt when I play golf. However Yohei treated me a couple times and showed me right way for training by myself. Now I can play golf without having pain. More so, my golf swing got much better and I improved my golf game a lot. I really appreciate you Dr. Yohei!! πŸ˜‰

T.M. 1月 29, 2015

I had a chronic pain on my lower back. But Dr. Yohei’s treatment and the training sessions improved my physical condition dramatically. Now I understand what is right things to do for my body and golf swing. You guys should go Funcphysio if you have golf related problems.

T.Okushima Golf Professinal 2月 6, 2015

Dr. Yohei assessed me and pointed out my physical problem that affected my golf swing. The assessment was very thorough and no one had assessed me like him before. He treated me and explained what I should do to improve my physical restrictions.Β Probably I hurt myself if I kelp doing my previous training program. He showed my the right direction. Β I appreciate you Dr. Takada.

S.Matsuda JPGA Professional golfer 1月 30, 2015

Spent a few hours with Yohei after my swing coach told me my shoulder turn was poor. Yohei, explained that my thoracic Spine was very tight and as a result affecting my turn. He gave me simple exercises that I can do at home and after a few weeks, my turn increased and I felt so much looser. Still have a ways to go but with Yoheis help, I know I’ll get there soon.

Soony February 16, 2015

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I came to Yohei with ongoing neck and back issues for many years. This guy is amazing. I have been to multiple doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists with little improvement. His treatment is very different from other physical therapists I had been. His treatment address my system as a whole as session progresses. Now I have seen a huge improvement over the course of treatment sessions with Yohei. Now I am pain free in my life. I highly recommend him

A.T. Office worker June 24, 2015

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