Injury Prevention

Life is best enjoyed when lived in a pain-free state. The occurrence of an injury may sometimes be outside of one’s control. However, you can prevent from hurting by knowing your body well, improving your body function, and avoiding risks. We can help you prevent injury by providing a comprehensive whole-body assessment, addressing strength and mobility impairments, and designing an individualized exercise program.

People wanting to start regular exercise

Commonly, people become injured after first starting a new exercise routine or activity such as going to the gym, participating in yoga or pilates classes, dancing, or running. It is important to recognize that every single day we are conditioning our bodies one way or another. A sedentary lifestyle conditions the body to be comfortable in an essentially inactive state, in which little movement, strength, and flexibility of body segments is needed. Living for months or years in this state lowers the threshold of exercise required to produce injury and pain in the body. It is very important to gradually and specifically condition the body in order to perform a physically stressful activity without resulting in injury. As physical therapists, this is what we specialize in – let us to help you train for your next endeavor!

People at risk for overuse injuries

Repetition of the same movement patterns over and over again can quickly lead to injury. For example, a runner uses the same muscles and joints repeatedly while running for miles. If certain key muscle groups are weak, extra stress will be placed upon other areas of the body leading to injury. Athletes are not the only group susceptible to this type of injury, but also desk workers, musicians, people who spend time cooking, or those providing  care for babies and young children.

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