Dr. Suga

Dr. Kohei Suga 

One of the top-level therapists with plenty of clinical experience in Japan and the U.S., involved in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and the development of Japanese physical therapy guidelines 

2021 Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Musculoskeletal Specialty Program 
 U Pitt. is consistently ranked among the top physical therapy schools in the United States. Studied orthopedics (especially back pain and manual therapy) and vestibular rehab (dizziness and balance disorders). 
2021 Worked at the Tokyo Paralympics Athletes’ Village Polyclinic 
2020 Obtained TESOL certification in teaching English 
2020 Completed Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation (Vestibular Rehab) course (dizziness and balance disorders) 
2020 Licensed Physical Therapist, USA (New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii) 
2020 Completed clinical doctorate program at Loma Linda University Graduate School (California) 
2018 Founded Physical Conditioning IKI in Japan (moving from Yamagata to Tokyo in 2019) 
Founded cash-based rehabilitation studio 
2017 Certified Fascial manipulation Specialist (CFMS) 
 One of the first Certified Fascial Fascia Specialists (CFMS) in the world (attained in Itally) and an interpreter for the course in Japan. 
2013 Graduated with a Master’s degree from Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences 
 Analysis of foot and knee joint joints and jumping motion in patients after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery 
2009 Joined Yamagata Saisei Hospital, which is a general hospital well know for orthopedic surgeries and sports injury 
2009 Graduated from Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences, Licensed as a Physical Therapist in Japan 

  Dr. Suga is a very experienced clinician and has worked at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics athletes’ village and was involved in the development of the Japanese Physical Therapy Guidelines which serves as a guide for physical therapists in Japan. He specializes in pain and myofascial fascial manual therapy, sports movement from lower limb to the trunk, and vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness and balance disorders), and has given many lectures in these areas. His lectures are popular for their well-balanced combination of clinical experience and scientific evidence. 
  His activities are not limited to Japan and the U.S. He has also given lectures in countries such as the Philippines and Taiwan and is involved in a soccer school project in Cambodia as a physical therapist. 
  He is known for not only his proficient skills but also his flexible and friendly personality, exposed to diverse cultures. 

Specialties: Pain, Myofascial Fascial Manual Therapy, Foot, Lower Extremity and Trunk Sports Movement, Vestibular Rehabilitation (dizziness and balance) 

Publications: Japanese Physical Therapy Guidelines, Several books and articles about Myofascia, foot and knee biomechanics, low back pain, and lower limb biomechanics.

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